【PRE-SALE!】《Mahito♀》Goods Set /Jujutsu Kaisen Goods BY:凱特妮絲艾佛汀(空想白昼),楓林館  Fanhouse


【PRE-SALE!】《Mahito♀》Goods Set /Jujutsu Kaisen Goods BY:凱特妮絲艾佛汀(空想白昼)

TWD $110 ~ 930

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Special Offer

Product details

product details


[No Return, No Exchange]

Due to the material, the items might have 1cm↓abrasion or collision marks,

Please make sure you accept it before checkout.

FANDOM◆ Jujutsu Kaisen

SHIP◆ None

CREATOR◆  凱特妮絲艾佛汀

PARTY◆  空想白昼

SIZE◆ Art Prints Set:B5/5 Pieces/600g

   Mahito JK Art Prints:B5/1 Piece/200g

   Pins:Φ58mm/3 Pieces/150g

   Acrylic Charm:7CM/1 Piece/80g

GIFT◆ Pre-order FULL SET in an order will have 4 more cards as a gift


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Special Offer