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We use postal air transport to send international orders

Please only choose 【International express】for shipping,

and choose 【PAYPAL】or【Credit card】for paying when you checkout.


The red column means it still can't be shipped because of the COVID-19 problem.

0g-500g 500g-1KG 1KG-1.5KG 1.5KG-2KG 2KG+
ASIAN COUNTRIES If your package over 2KG, you'll need to pay for the extra shipping fee. Please contact customer service before you checkout.
HONG KONG/MACAO Postal 250NT 320NT 400NT 450NT
ISRAEL Postal 270NT 450NT 560NT 670NT
INDONESIA Postal 310NT 500NT 620NT 720NT
JAPAN Postal 300NT 480NT 610NT 670NT
MALAYSIA Postal 230NT 290NT 350NT 420NT
SINGAPORE Postal 300NT 380NT 460NT 540NT
SOUTH KOREA Postal 280NT 330NT 390NT 440NT
THAILAND Postal 300NT 360NT 420NT 520NT
PHILIPPINES Postal 300NT 340NT 390NT 450NT
VIETNAM Postal 300NT 480NT 630NT 740NT
AUSTRALIA  Postal 350NT 580NT 810NT 1040NT
EMS 700NT 880NT 1050NT 1220NT
NEW ZEALAND Postal 350NT 570NT 800NT 1030NT
EMS 700NT 870NT 1030NT 1200NT
AUSTRIA Postal 330NT 470NT 620NT 770NT
BELGIUM  Postal 430NT 690NT 880NT 1070NT
EMS 670NT 860NT 1060NT 1260NT
BULGARIA Postal 350NT 600NT 850NT 1100NT
CZECH REPUBLIC Postal 430NT 630NT 820NT 1000NT
EMS 670NT 870NT 1080NT 1280NT
DENMARK Postal 330NT 450NT 560NT 680NT
FINLAND Postal 350NT 600NT 850NT 1100NT
FRANCE Postal 410NT 700NT 1000NT 1070NT
EMS 800NT 940NT 1090NT 1240NT
GERMANY Postal 420NT 550NT 700NT 850NT
EMS 810NT 950NT 1100NT 1250NT
IRELAND Postal 350NT 600NT 850NT 1100NT
ITALY Postal 430NT 740NT 920NT 1090NT
EMS 670NT 870NT 1070NT 1270NT
LATVIA Postal 350NT 600NT 850NT 1100NT
GREECE Postal 350NT 600NT 850NT 1100NT
NETHERLANDS Postal 410NT 630NT 780NT 930NT
NORWAY Postal 390NT 670NT 940NT 1000NT
RUSSIA Postal 390NT 670NT 950NT 1220NT
SWEDEN Postal 430NT 660NT 850NT 1050NT
EMS 680NT 880NT 1080NT 1290NT
SPAIN(ESPANA) Postal 400NT 540NT 690NT 830NT
SWITZERLAND Postal 410NT 630NT 780NT 930NT
EMS 660NT 840NT 1030NT 1210NT
UNITED KINGDOM Postal 420NT 720NT 1020NT 1320NT
EMS 830NT 1030NT 1230NT 1380NT
Postal 430NT 580NT 760NT 940NT
EMS 670NT 870NT 1070NT 1270NT
PORTUGAL Postal 350NT 600NT 850NT 1100NT
BRAZIL Postal 510NT 680NT 810NT 980NT
CANADA EMS 430NT 740NT 1050NT 1350NT
CHILE Postal 490NT 630NT 780NT 920NT
MEXICO Postal 490NT 630NT 780NT 920NT
Postal 440NT 580NT 730NT 870NT
EMS 800NT 980NT 750NT 1340NT
DHL 3750NT 4250NT 6850NT 12250NT
PUERTO RICO Postal 240NT 390NT 540NT 690NT


Postal 430NT 740NT 800NT 1000NT
EMS 960NT 1370NT 1540NT 1710NT
GUAM/HAWAII Postal 290NT 470NT 650NT 830NT

If your country/Area has no option, please tell us via EMAIL:[email protected]


The NC17 book's delivery has the risk of seized or fined by some custom, if that happens, Fanhouse will not be responsible for it, neither will we send again.

Please order and pay after you checked that you can accept the risk, thank you.

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