《四季狂想/Phantasy Of The FourSeasons》 /Devil may cry 5 NeroV/Dante/Vergil/Dante Novel+Illustration Book BY:今川/瓜子醬/冬蝠/藍鳥/Tortia/色拉/C/梨/最上川亂步/特特/麥子/阿汪/爪/炸雞/4/電車隻狼/懸樑/21

TWD $350

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Product details

product details

FANDOM◆ Devil may cry 5

SHIP◆ NeroV/Dante/Vergil/Dante

WRITER◆  今川瓜子醬冬蝠藍鳥Tortia色拉

ILLUSTRATOR◆ 最上川亂步特特麥子阿汪炸雞


SIZE◆ B5/166P(include 24P color)/PG/580g

GIFT◆ Postcards*11

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